FCA Umbrella and Regulatory Services

FCA Umbrella

Capital Systematics provides an FCA umbrella service to help corporate finance advisors, selected fund managers, brokers, wealth managers and others to meet their regulatory obligations quickly and easily.

With years of hands-on experience providing Compliance cover to institutional and professional clients, we offer a complete plug-and-play package, acting as your virtual Compliance office and taking over almost all aspects of Compliance set-up and administration.

Our platform companies are typically new firms founded by experienced investment bankers who have chosen to put their skills to work as entrepreneurs rather than as employees. As corporate finance specialists ourselves, our function is to free dealmakers to do what they do best.

Fintech Regulation

Regulators and traditional Compliance consultancies struggle with novel financial products and technologies. We have the expertise and experience to help new companies understand the regulatory requirements of their businesses.

If you are developing novel fintech, regtech, insurtech and other pioneering business models, we are here to help. For more on our fintech regulatory services click here

Brexit Advisory Services

Capital Systematics now has a presence in Paris helping clients navigate post-Brexit regulatory challenges.

We have established relationships with the French regulatory agencies, and we can help you apply for authorisation, advise you on regulatory requirements and strategies, and assist you with general business matters such as company formation, accounting and other business services.

Native English-speaking management and a support network of English-speaking legal, accounting and investment professionals are here to smooth your path.

For information, please contact us at:

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